2059 111 Street Nw, Edmonton, AB, T6J 4V9
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About Us

We serve traditional Chinese food, live crab, lobster, fish, clam...

Our convenient locations, excellent food, and affordable prices make our restaurants a natural choice for dine-in or take-out meals. We are fully licensed, serving famous Chinese and northern-style cuisine.

We cater to all occasions, and feature a private room for up to 20 guests. Our lunch and dinner buffets are extremely popular. Please call us today to experience our friendly family atmosphere and great service.

Located on the south end of Edmonton in a suburban mall close to the major shopping complex South Edmonton Common, Good Buddy arrived on the scene in 1999 – just the right time to serve a massive new suburban audience for Chinese dining and takeout.

As you would expect, the dining, kitchen and restroom areas are all immaculate, and service is consistently quick and efficient, even when (as frequently occurs), Good Buddy gets very busy. The number of staff on hand varies from 10 on regular lunchtime, up to 22 on busy evening.

All of Good Buddy’s chefs hail from China, where they learned their style of cooking. Having been taken on Good Buddy, they have received training inside the restaurant, to ensure the consistently superb standard the restaurant is known for, across an unusually diverse menu thoughtfully designed to serve a wide variety of palates.

“There are three separate menus,” Owner Mr. Lin proudly shares. “One is traditional Chinese, one is in more of a contemporary Hong Kong style, and one offers Canadian style Chinese food.” By having these three distinct options, Mr. Lin is confident that there is truly something on the menu for everyone. The character of Good Buddy’s food varies according to the menu, since Good Buddy strives to give diners the flavors they expect from each type of cuisine.

The restaurant’s most popular western-style dishes are lemon chicken and ginger beef. Deep fried crispy chicken is also quite popular. Yet Good Buddy offers healthier alternatives also, in the form of vegetarian meals, and many options are prepared without MSG, instead using FDA recommended alternatives.